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Figures of Speech Based on Construction or Arrangement of Words

Figures of Speech Based on Construction or Arrangement of WordsFigures of Speech Based on Construction or Arrangement of Words is divided into seven. They are Interrogation, Exclamation, Climax, Anti-Climax, Hyperbole, Transferred Epithet, and Tautology.

Interrogation is a statement thrown into the form of a question for rhetorical effect.

Examples of Interrogation:
-Can flattery soothe the duil cold ear of Death?
-Can two walk together except they be agreed.

Exclamation is a figure in which the exclamatory form is used to draw greater attention to a point than a mere bald statement of it could do.

Examples of Exclamation:
-What a piece of work is man!
-How are the mighty fallen!

Climax is afigure in which the scenes rises by successive steps to what is more and more important and impressive.

Examples of Climax:
-I came, I saw, I conquered.
-She growls,she hisses, she stings.

Anti-Climax is a figure that significances a descent from the higher to the lower.

Examples of Anti-Climax:
-The soldiers fought for glory and a shilling a day.
-For thy sake, my love, I would do anything but die.

Hyperbole is a greatly eaggerated statement (used mainly for effect but not intended to be taken literally).

Eamples of Hyperbole:
-He would draw the stage with tears.
-I was bored to death by his ceaseless chatter.

Transferred Epithet
Transferred Epithet is a figure in which an epithet belongs to some other words closely connected with it.

Examples of Transferred Epithet:
-He passed a sleepless night.
-he tossed from side to side on his restless pillow.

Tautology is the use of unnecessary words to express the same idea.

Examples of Tautology:
-The one sole survivor of the wreck was an American.
-he dwelt in a onely isolation.

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